Sawgrass Sustainable was founded to provide responsible answers to difficult recycling problems.  We thrive on digging into difficult post-industrial waste streams and enabling our clients to achieve their NO LANDFILL goals.  Sawgrass believes in the circular economy concept and readily accepts low margin projects; because it’s the right thing to do for our planet.


Sawgrass Sustainable is devoted to finding insightful solutions to difficult waste stream challenges. Sawgrass is adept at identification and sortation  of various synthetic textile fibers. Another specialty is rapid removal and transformation of material from yarn packages, beams, feeder creels and rolls. 

| Nylon, Polypropylene and PET Recycling |

Sawgrass Sustainable LLC is devoted to preserving the planet by providing textile and apparel recycling services and supplying sustainably produced fiber.  We buy all manner of synthetic materials used in the production of textile, flooring and apparel goods.

Our business processes are driven by the philosophy that:

Delivery is execution at every level of the Waste Reclamation Value Stream … from proving concept feasibility to ongoing production of validated components. 


Sawgrass Sustainable LLC

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